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✅What is RNGDAO?

RNGDAO is a project that leverages a DAO to produce random numbers. These numbers, generated by RNGDAO, are managed in a decentralized fashion, making sure they're beyond the control of users, project developers utilizing RNGDAO, or even the operators of RNGDAO itself.

✅How does it operate?

Participants looking to use the random number generation provide a hashed value to RNGDAO, derived from SHA3 executed in their local environment. RNGDAO then processes this hash value using its proprietary algorithm to generate the random number, which is subsequently recorded on the blockchain. Projects can then access and utilize this random number.

✅What are the benefits of RNGDAO?

By using random numbers from RNGDAO allows projects to uphold "transparency" and "fairness", ensuring dependable services for their users.

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