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Gaming DEX is a DeFi infrastructure protocol that provides token liquidity.It will be implemented on DeFi Verse, a "Blockchain for Games"-related Oasys Layer 2 blockchain.

Currently, there is a Layer 1 DEX on the Oasys Hub, but it is a fork of the Uniswap and has only the most basic features, making it unsuitable for Blockchain Games (both developers and players).

Balancer, a well-established DEX, is forked to create the Gaming DEX. The "Flexible Pools," "The Vault," and "Portfolio" features of Balancer are essential for users in terms of flexibility.

By using Balancer as the foundation, the following enhancements will be made:

・Easy to use UI/UX for beginners

・Anti-Trader Field (AT-Field)

With these enhancements, it is easier to use for gamers who are unfamiliar with DeFi, and it provides a DEX that is customized for blockchain games. Pool creation is not permissionless and must be authorized because many users are unfamiliar with DeFi.

The Importance of DEX for Games

The on-ramping of average gamers is especially important for Blockchain Games. It is a known fact that there is a high level of difficulty for users who are unfamiliar with blockchain technology.

Users who are new to blockchain games will most likely follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Open a Centralized Exchange (CEX) account

  2. Deposit of Legal Currency

  3. Perform a trade in each blockchain's base currency.

  4. Create a web3 wallet

  5. Withdraw funds to a web3 wallet

  6. Swap into the game's necessary tokens at each blockchain's DEX (leaving gas money)

  7. Play the blockchain game

  8. Will be cautious not to deplete the gas money they had left earlier.

However, the following improvements can be made by having each game issue prepaid payment tokens at Oasys:

  1. Create a web3 wallet

  2. Purchase credits to obtain the tokens you need for each blockchain game. (Prepaid Payment Method)

  3. Play the blockchain game

*No gas required for most Verse

With the exception of wallet management, it is expected that the UX will become quite fluid. Prepaid payment methods, on the other hand, cannot be converted into legal currency. As a result, a way to swap crypto assets into cash is required, and Gaming DEX is critical in providing this.

The intriguing aspect of this is that the in-game currency that was previously purchased for mobile and online games can now be exchanged for one another via Blockchain. Up until now, if you wanted to transfer your activities from game A to game B, you had to discard the data in the game.

However, A's assets can be transferred to B in a different form by using a blockchain-based protocol such as the Gaming DEX. Data previously only available on the game operator's servers can now be exchanged with data from other games using blockchain technology. As a result, it is an "asset" rather than just data.

To be considered an "asset," it must have a trading platform, such as a DEX.





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