✅What is OASYS?

Oasys is a blockchain focused on gaming, designed to enable users to play blockchain games without incurring gas fees.

✅OASYS's validators.

Oasys has collaborated with renowned gaming companies and Web2 enterprises, serving as validators. The image that follows showcase some of these participating validators.

✅Highlighted below are significant news pieces associated with OASYS.

・Square Enix Joins OASYS Blockchain as a Validator

On September 12, 2022, Square Enix,one of Japan’s leading video game companies, declared its participation in the OASYS blockchain as a validator.

・Oasys' Fundraising

SINGAPORE, December 6, 2022 - Oasys, a gaming-centric blockchain built by gamers for gamers, recently announced the successful completion of a strategic funding round. This round saw participation from key players in the gaming industry, including Galaxy Interactive, the esteemed Korean gaming giant responsible for popular games like MapleStory and Dungeon Fighter Online. Other notable participants included Korean gaming titan Nexon, Presto Labs, MZ Web3 Fund, Hyperithm, Jets Capital, Jsquare, AAG, YJM Games, and ChainGuardians.

・Oasys Audits

Oasys is audited by QUANTSTAMP, a leader in the auditing industry.

・KDDI participates in the OASYS blockchain as a validator.

On March 28, 2023, KDDI, one of Japan’s leading telecommunication companies, declared its collaboration with the OASYS blockchain, stepping in as a validator.

・Introducing the Oasys Ecosystem Fund Launch

The Oasys Ecosystem Fund actively backs and allocates resources to emerging projects within the blockchain industry.

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