About DeFiVerse

✅What is DeFiVerse

DefiVerse operates on Oasys' VerseLayer (L2). It stands out as the only blockchain within Oasys, a blockchain that primarily focuses on gaming, dedicated to DeFi.

✅What is your vision or vision for the future of DeFiVerse?

DeFiVerse envisions itself as the bridge connecting game users with DeFi.

✅Why did we choose Oasys? About Oasys

Recognized as a gaming powerhouse, Japan offers a conducive environment for the uptake of Oasys, a platform dedicated to blockchain games. Leading global companies such as Square Enix, Namco Bandai, and Sega Sammy have already pledged their participation.

Oasys is set to host a surge of Blockchain Games (BCGs) in the coming times, promising an influx of new users.In the landscape of BCGs, the trading of FTs and NFTs on decentralized exchanges (DEX) and NFT markets is a norm. Such interactions introduce new users to the world of DeFi. Over time, a subset of these users cultivates a deeper interest in DeFi, amplifying the chances of them actively trading FTs and NFTs they've acquired via BCGs on DeFi platforms.

Extensive marketing campaigns are unnecessary. The Oasys Foundation alongside each of the VerseBuilders will drive aggressive marketing strategies to attract new BCG users.

Given that DeFiVerse is crafted to seamlessly draw new users into the Oasys ecosystem, our primary attention will be centered on establishing and securing ecosystem partnerships, thus enabling us to maintain minimal marketing expenditures.

Furthermore, a significant portion of DeFiVerse's founders and team are of Japanese origin, and the leadership of the Oasys Foundation is also predominantly Japanese.

This intrinsic connection with a shared cultural background ensures smooth communication. Moreover, the collaborative relationship with the Foundation for the L1 blockchain presents a distinct advantage when managing the L2 blockchain.

✅What differentiates DeFiVerse from its competitors(other blockchains)? Did you not choose another gaming chain such as ImmutableX?

As previously detailed, our reasons for choosing Oasys are outlined in the preceding section. We will skip this part.

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