Gaming Universe | Metaverse

1. Introduction

The Gaming Universe, set within the DeFiVerse ecosystem, is conceptualized as a 2D metaverse space. This advanced space offers users an enhanced platform to engage with decentralized applications (Dapps) in a more intuitive and efficient manner.

2. Primary Features & Advantages

2.1 Open Exploration

Within the Gaming Universe, users can freely navigate and immerse themselves in a distinct 2D metaverse space, acquiring fresh insights in the digital realm.

2.2 DeFi Education

Buildings and NPCs associated with DeFi, scattered throughout the town, act as reservoirs of knowledge, educating users on DeFi's principles and advantages.

2.3 Seamless Interactions

Interacting with these buildings and NPCs equips users with the skills to maneuver Dapps, facilitating a seamless transition into the DeFi landscape.

2.4 Easy-to-Understand Expressions

The Gaming Universe is committed to presenting DeFi concepts in a more straightforward and instinctive manner, steering clear of technical jargon and complex notions.

The Gaming Universe will be working with the following Dapps:

Initial Dapps Integration List

  • Gaming DEX: A decentralized exchange that supports DeFi transactions.

  • Ragnarok: A Decentralized Perpetual Exchange.

Within the Gaming Universe, users can directly interact and utilize these Dapps.

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