About Teams&Backed

✅Who are the team members?

The DeFiVerse team is comprised of seasoned professionals from the blockchain industry. Notable members include Kotaro, a key opinion leader (KOL) in crypto who has overseen multiple companies, and Arata, the head of CryptoTimes, a prominent Japanese cryptocurrency media platform. Our team includes individuals possessing diverse expertise in blockchain technology development and management.

✅Who are your Backers and Advisors?

Our backers and advisors include prominent entities like "OASYS", a blockchain specialized for gaming, and "MCH Inc.", a frontrunner in the Japanese blockchain gaming scene. MCH stands as Japan's most renowned BCG and is set to commemorate its 5th anniversary in 2023.

✅Do you have any partnerships?

Indeed, we are collaborating with multiple projects. For more details on our partnerships, please look below.

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