Ragnarok | Decentralized perpetual exchange

✅Overview of Ragnarok

Introducing Ragnarok, a groundbreaking decentralized finance (DeFi) platform that revolutionizes leveraged trading.Anchored on DeFiVerse, Ragnarok unlocks OAS liquidity, offering an optimal mix of capital efficacy, security, and decentralization.

✅What is Ragnarok?

Ragnarok operates as a DEX (decentralized exchange), facilitating leveraged trading of OAS. Users have the flexibility to leverage blue chip assets and OAS against notable cryptos like OAS, BTC, ETH, and other stablecoins.

The platform accommodates a range of strategies, enabling users to go long on OAS if they're optimistic about Oasys's prospects or to short OAS if they want to hedge their existing position.

✅What are the main benefits of Ragnarok?

Ragnarok offers many benefits to its users, including the following:

  • OAS Leveraged Trading- Opportunity for users to participate in leveraged OAS trading.

  • No slippage/zero price impact trading.

  • Real Yield - Earn Real Yield from Ragnarok-based transactions.

  • Non-inflation Tokenomics - The Governance Token of Ragnarok,$RAG, maintains a non-inflationary stance.

  • Revenue-Linked Token - Tokens are closely aligned with protocol-generated revenue.

  • Yield amplification - Boosted RLP revenues.





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