About Ecosystem

✅What dApps are available?

We will deploy a comprehensive set of dApps essential for the DeFi Ecosystem, including a DEX, Lending, and Liquid Staking. -Released-

  • Gaming DEX(DEX):Released

-In Development-

  • Ragnarok(Perp DEX)

  • Gungnir(Concentration Liquidity DEX)

  • NFT Land(NFT MarketPlace)

  • Coming soon(Launchpad)

  • RNGDAO(Other)

-Future Development-

  • Neptune(Liquid Staking Derivative)

  • Excalibur(Lending)

  • Aegis(Overcollateralized Stable Coin)

  • Odin(Yield Aggregator)

  • Valkyrie(Leveraged Yield Farming)

  • Dwarve(Yield Optimizer)

  • Muramasa(Liquidity maneger)

  • Hades(Synthetic)

  • Medusa(Stable coin)

  • Bahamut(Bridge)

  • Leviathan(NFT Lending)

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